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Experience the ultimate tape solution with Kung Fu Tape® – a residue-free, tear-easy, and versatile polyethylene-backed tape that's perfect for a wide range of applications, from stone and glass industries to countertop installation, woodworking, and beyond!

Kung Fu Tape® goes on like a clamp, and comes off like a champ! Say goodbye to the days of sticky, gummy hard to remove residue, and difficult to tear edges. Kung Fu Tape® has your back and leaves no ghosting or shadows on your material! This durable polyethylene backed tape is strong and durable and yet its one-of-a-kind design and unique serrated edges provide an easy tear every time. No more wasted product from having it get curled and stuck together. Kung Fu Tape® can be used in the stone industry for setting mitered edge seams, or in the glass industry for aligning panels, but it doesn’t stop there! This amazing tape is great for countertop installation, tile installation, floor installation, cabinet building, general woodworking, glass handling, construction, general repairs, and so much more! Simply rip it, and stick it! Stealth and fast! Kung Fu Tape® is here for YOU! 


  • Unique serrated edges for easy tearing
  • Leaves no residue upon removal up to 10 days* after application
  • Strong but flexible and conforms to edges and corners
  • Stretchy - holds seams tight (acts like a clamp)
  • Use in the stone industry, for countertop installation, glass handling, tile installations, and more
  • Gentle on natural stone and sensitive materials
  • Leaves no ghosting or shadows on your material
  • No curling, splintering or fraying
  • Use as a base to mix epoxy for true color matching
  • Non-marking
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent low-temp bonding
  • 1.89 in x 60 yd (48 mm x 55 m)

* Indoor vs. Outdoor Use:

  • Indoor Use: Clean removal up to 6 months or more.
  • Outdoor Use/UV Exposure: Clean removal up to 10 days.
  • Test on scrap material prior to use for safety and best results. 

Product Name Kung Fu Tape®
Part # Single Roll: KFT530001-1x, 20 Pack: KFT530001-20x
MSRP Single Roll: $14.95 USD, 20 Pack: $264.95 USD, $370.93 CAD
Includes Tape roll(s) and protective case
Product Dimensions 48 mm x 55 m [1.89 in x 60 yds]
Product Weight 1.15 lb (each roll)
Package Dimensions 20 Pack: 15"x15"x12"
Shipping Weight Single Roll: 1.3 lb, 20 Pack: 25 lb
Materials Polyethylene Vinyl Tape with Synthetic Rubber

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